ACS ACM1252U-Y3 NFC USB Reader Module with Detachable Antenna Board

A module NFC reader and writer for system integrations that is firmware upgradeable and can be used for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Communication and card emulation.

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The ACS ACM1252U-Y3 is the same product as the ACS ACR1252U except that it not designed with a plastic casing. This reader is meant to be used by system integrations for custom solutions such as ATMs, gaming terminals and encoding hardware. The ACM1252U-Y3 is an alternative to the ACR1252U for software developers and anyone who is looking to integrate the reader into an existing system. The ACR1252U is the NFC Forum-certified, upgraded model of the popular ACR122U. It has faster manual encoding speeds, a better reading range and is firmware upgradeable, making it future-proof. The ACR1252U plugs into a USB port and has a SAM (Secure Access Module) slot. It can be used for card emulation and Peer-to-Peer Communication (communication with most-NFC enabled mobile phones). This NFC reader is well suited for high-level security applications such as banking and payments. Key diversification and mutual authentication through the SAM can restrict the exposure of keys and limit the possibility of keys being stolen.

Software and SDKs
  • This reader does not ship with software.

Additional Info

Product Reader
Lead Time Now
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Manufacturer Advanced Card Systems
Manufacturer SKU ACM1252U-Y3ENGA202
Origin of Shipment Canada, Hong Kong, United States
Color Green
Display None
Connectivity USB
NFC Chip Types

An NFC tag has an NFC chip inside of it which performs the NFC interactions. There are several NFC chip types available and the choice of which NFC chip type to use is important. Each NFC chip has its own characteristics, features and cost. If you are not sure which NFC chip to use, our recommendation is to get a couple of each type to test with. The NXP NTAG series is typically what customers use. The NXP NTAG series comes in a variety of data capacity sizes and they offer the best device compatibility, speed, availability and cost.

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