ACS ACR1283L Standalone NFC Reader and Writer

A USB NFC reader that can operate without being plugged into a PC.

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The ACR1283L Standalone Contactless Reader is a cost-effective and powerful contactless smart card reader designed to operate in both PC-linked and standalone mode. It comes with four built-in SAM slots, making it suitable for applications that have multiple card issues or different security requirements. ACR1283L enriches user interaction with its two-line graphic LCD, four LEDs, buzzer to clearly display application and card operation status, and a twelve-key capacitive touch keypad for user input.

Software and SDKs
  • This reader does not ship with any software.


Additional Info

Product Reader
Lead Time Now
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Manufacturer Advanced Card Systems
Manufacturer SKU ACR1283L-D1ACSA103
Origin of Shipment Canada, United States
Color Black
Display LCD
Connectivity USB



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