GoToTags Windows NFC Starter Kit

An NFC kit that contains the tools you need to easily get started reading, writing and using NFC tags with Microsoft Windows on your PC.

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Getting started using NFC technology is easy with the right products. This starter kit includes everything you need to read, create and use NFC tags on your desktop computer using free GoToTags desktp software.

  • Read all of the NFC chip data including the NFC chip type, UID and the NDEF records
  • Perform the NFC tag's NDEF records on the local computer
  • Integrate with external applications to read NFC tag data and copy tag data to other applications (Excel, notepad...)
  • Format, encode and erase NFC tags
  • GoToTags Windows Desktop App
  • 1 x NFC reader and writer of your choice
  • 25 x assorted NFC tags
  • The NFC tags included may differ from the NFC tags shown in the product photo

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NFC Chip Types

An NFC tag has an NFC chip inside of it which performs the NFC interactions. There are several NFC chip types available and the choice of which NFC chip type to use is important. Each NFC chip has its own characteristics, features and cost. If you are not sure which NFC chip to use, our recommendation is to get a couple of each type to test with. The NXP NTAG series is typically what customers use. The NXP NTAG series comes in a variety of data capacity sizes and they offer the best device compatibility, speed, availability and cost.

Learn More about NFC Chip Types


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