NFC Tag Encoding


NFC Tag Encoding Service

We can encode any order of NFC tags for you, or you can encode the tags yourself. We use the GoToTags NFC Encoder software and hardware to reliably encode complicated NFC tag encoding projects at high-speed. Our NFC tag encoding service has the added benefit of checking each tag's working condition to decrease the failure rate.

An additional fee of $0.05 per tag will be added for our NFC tag encoding service.

Ordering Encoded NFC Tags

To have your NFC tags encoded by us, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the NFC tag products to be encoded; make sure to choose the correct NFC chip for your needs
  2. Download the GoToTags NFC Tags Encoding file (below)
  3. Define the data to be encoded onto the NFC tags
  4. Validate and test the encoding data with the software and hardware that will be used
  5. Enter the encoding data into the encoding file; carefully follow the provided instructions
  6. Select the 'NFC Encoding' option when adding products to your cart
  7. Choose and upload your encoding file
  8. The additional NFC Encoding fee will be added to your order total

If you have any questions, contact us and we will help you through the process.

NFC Tags Encoding File

To order encoded NFC tags, you must supply the data to be encoded using the GoToTags NFC Tags Encoding file. We do not accept encoding data via any other format including phone or email; this for your benefit to ensure encoding accuracy. The NFC Tags Encoding file has instructions in it to guide you through the process of supplying your encoding data.

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Encoding Data

There are several important decisions to make when encoding NFC tags. The data encoded to an NFC tag effects what will happen on the device when it interacts with the NFC tag. Each NFC chip type has a certain, limited amount of data storage available. We support almost all NDEF record types; we do not support non-NDEF custom data encoding. We can dynamically replace the NFC chip's UID into the encoding data.

If you have any questions about the encoding options, please contact us.

Record Types
  • Website / URL
  • Text / ID
  • Contact Information
  • Other Types

An NFC chip can be either read-write or read-only for everyone. We can 'lock' an NFC chip so that is read-only; this is a permanent operation. This option can be set in the NFC tags encoding file.

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Data Validation & Accuracy

Once you have placed your order for encoded NFC tags, we will check the encoding file as a part of our order accuracy process. The GoToTags NFC Encoder software also validates the encoding data for common errors; however neither our team nor the software can determine if the encoding data is what you intended. As with artwork, we will not create or modify the encoding file for you. If a change is required, our team will contact you via email with additional information and ask that you resubmit the encoding file. You are ultimately responsible for validating the encoding file and data before submitting it with an order.

Variable NFC Tag Encoding

With variable tag encoding each NFC tag is encoded with different data. Often a unique ID, text or URL is used such that the NFC tag can be uniquely identified by the device/software interacting with the tag. We have the ability to encode the NFC chip's UID as a part of the variable NFC tag encoding data.

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Correlated NFC Tag Encoding

Correlated tag encoding is similar to variable encoding, with the added requirement that each NFC tag is matched to a specific physical tag. Often this is the case when an ID, text or QR code is printed on the tag and needs to be matched with the NFC encoding. To order encoded NFC tags that are correlated to a physical tag:

In the artwork file:
  1. Supply a placeholder for the variable element in the desired position/font/size in a separate layer.
In the encoding file:
  1. Choose the appropriate record type (worksheet) to encode.
  2. Enter the variable encoding data for each tag in the appropriate columns (Url, Text...).
  3. Enter the value to be matched to the printed element in the 'Identity' column. The Identity is the value used by the encoding software to match each tag's encoding to its physical product.
  4. If there are additional variable printed elements, enter the values for those in the DataX (Data1, Data2...) column.

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Bulk NFC Tag Encoding

With bulk tag encoding, each NFC tag has the same data encoded to it, such as a URL ( Bulk encoding is not recommended as it limits the value (ROI) of the tag deployment. If you want all of the NFC tags to perform the same action (such as go to the same website), consider using the GoToTags Platform as it provides significant additional value for no additional cost.

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Encode Your Own NFC Tags

You can encode your own NFC tags once you have received them. It's a bit cheaper to do it yourself, but it's much more work; especially if you don't have the automated hardware systems that we do. Many customer start out encoding tags themselves to get a better understanding of the encoding data options, and then once they are past the prototyping phase they have us encode their larger orders.

To encode your own NFC tags, download the GoToTags NFC Encoder software. You will also need a desktop NFC reader.