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Pricing & Quotes


Volume Pricing

GoToTags can fulfill orders of any size, including orders greater than 1 million tags. The prices published on the website are for small quantity projects (< 1,000). The unit price for larger quantity projects and/or resellers is significantly reduced from the website list price. If you have a larger quantity project, please contact us to request a sales quote. The following guidelines apply for volume purchases:

  • Pricing is tiered according to the quantity purchased
  • An order for two different products at 500 units each would not qualify for the 1,000 price
  • The 'same' product is defined as the same product sku with the same artwork, encoding and other customizations
  • The full quantity must be ordered at one time, shipments may be split over time for pre-purchased product
  • Unit pricing is not guaranteed to be consistent over time and order to order
  • Very large, ongoing projects may qualify for special pricing and arrangements

If you have any questions, contact us and we will help understand the process.

Sales Quotes

For large quantity and/or custom orders a detailed sales quote can be provided upfront. This is often useful for your internal review and approval process for corporate accounts. For small quantities the price listed on the website is the sales price and a quote is not necessary. To have a sales quote created:

  1. Choose the products(s) you are interested in; include the product's sku or url
  2. Define the quantities of product you would like quoted
  3. Include any additional relevant information; project due date, encoding, customization...
  4. If you are interested in payment terms and/or purchase order; apply for a corporate account
  5. Contact our sales team with the above information
  6. We will reply shortly with any questions and a detailed sales quote

Contact us with your project details and we will provide you a sales quote.

Wholesale & Resellers

GoToTags works with product manufacturers and resellers worldwide to provide them with the large quantities of tags, hardware and software to enable NFC in their business. If you are a reseller, distributor or a product manufacturer looking for wholesale pricing, please contact us to apply for a corporate account. You will need to supply a reseller certificate to qualify for tax-free status in the US.

Competitor Price Matching

GoToTags strives to offer high quality products at the best prices. In the event you have received a lower price from a competitor, please contact us and we will review the other quote and in most cases match the price. We have found that many times the products being compared are not the same, and our competitors are offering lower quality products and services.


All prices do not include VAT. We sometimes fulfill products from our Netherlands warehouse to customers in the EU. If an order is shipped to the EU, then we must either collect VAT or you must supply us with your VAT number. We will contact you after you place your order.