Product Customization


Custom Printing on Tags

We offer high-quality custom printing of our Custom Tags products. We can print most anything from a full color logo, art design, text, QR codes, barcodes to unique IDs. Each product has its own printing specifications, process and limitations. The production lead time for custom printed products is typically 1 - 3 weeks based on the product and quantity ordered. The quoted price is for one artwork design only; multiple designs will be treated as separate orders. We can correlate a printed element of the tag with its encoding.

Contact us with any questions about custom printing.

Ordering Process

Our process for product customization has been optimized to ensure product quality, delivery schedule and overall project success. We will work with you at every step and communicate status so you always know what's going on.

  1. Choose the product to customize from our large selection of Custom Tags
  2. Download the appropriate art template file for the product
  3. Your designers create your custom art per the product's artwork requirements
  4. Submit the artwork and optional data files with your order
  5. Our team will review the artwork as a part of our order accuracy process
  6. We will send you a PDF proof for final approval
  7. An optional production sample can be requested; increased lead times and additional fees may apply
  8. Custom products may ship direct from our factory or from our Seattle office

Often this process is delayed by the creation of the custom artwork by your designers. Make sure to leave enough time in your project schedule to account for multiple internal artwork revisions and reviews.

Variable Printing

We can print variable elements on many custom tags products. Variable elements can include text, IDs, photos, QR codes, barcodes, etc. There are certain limitations for the variable elements including font size, color and orientation; these vary by product. Our team will work with you to understand the customization options for each product.

An additional fee will be added for custom tags with variable elements.

Follow these steps to order custom tags with variable elements:

  • Create your artwork file with a placeholder representing each variable printed element in the desired size & position in a separate editable layer.
  • The full range of variable data must be provided in a separate Excel file. If the tags will be encoded, use the NFC Tags Encoding File. If the tags will not be encoded, you may create your own Excel data file.
  • Each variable element should be in its own column in the data file. If using the encoding file, the variable elements should be placed in the DataX columns; use the Tags Meta Data to define the meaning of each DataX column. Do not rename or add columns in the encoding file.
  • Supply both your artwork and data/encoding files when you place your order.

If you have any questions, contact us and we will help you through the process.


You must submit your artwork file when placing a custom printed tags order. We offer and suggest you use our art templates, however you can use your own as long as the artwork meets the requirements below. If your artwork contains variable printed elements (text, QR), the variable elements should be in a separate layer with a representative example. Text with non-standard fonts should be rasterized or the font files should be included with your artwork. If the product will be printed on multiple sides, each side should be in a separate layer in the art file. Make sure to fully understand the limitations of the product to be printed (colors, bleed, ..).

Artwork Files

We accept artwork files with the below requirements:

  • Adobe Illustrator (ai, eps, pdf)
  • Adobe Photoshop (psd)
  • Rasterized art must be 300 DPI or greater
  • Image files (jpg, png, gif) will not be accepted as they are not high enough resolution
Artwork Policy

We will not create or change your artwork file for you. If we determine that a change is required, we will contact you for you to make the change and have your resubmit the artwork file.

You are ultimately fully responsible for the artwork to be printed. See our Sales Terms & Conditions for details.


We do not provide free samples of customized products, except for our large corporate accounts. We do offer a selection of Ready Made Tags that have been pre-customized with generic artwork. These ready made products are intended to be used both in actual projects and as samples of our custom tag products. These can be purchased in small quantities with quick delivery.

If you require a physical sample of a custom product before production, you may be required to place the full order first. We will produce a small number of the products and ship them to you for approval prior to the bulk production. The availability for this is dependent on the specific product; additional fees may apply. This also significantly increases the lead time for the production.

Setup Fees

Custom Printing

We do not charge setup fees for custom printing of our existing Custom Tags products. The cost of setup is incorporated into the final per-tag price. This is why small quantity orders have a significantly higher individual per-unit price compared to larger quantities.

Custom Products

We sometimes need to charge setup fees for custom products. These fees could be for a new mold, die or other reasons. Our team will notify you of any potential setup fees as we identify them while discussing the project with you.

Minimum Order Quantity

Each custom tag product has its own minimum order quantity; see the product page detail for the specific value. Smaller quantity orders of custom tags are more expensive per-tag. You may consider using our Ready Made Tags instead.

QR Codes & Barcodes

We can print static or variable QR codes on many custom tag products.

Static Codes

QR codes that are the same for each tag should be included in the tag's artwork file. You have complete control of the image.

  • Any size, shape or color
  • Variable data file not needed.
  • Supports any coding format and error correction level
Variable Codes

QR codes that are different for each tag require a different process and have some limitations

  • A representative example of the code should be included in the artwork file in a separate layer
  • The variable code data should be supplied in a separate data file like other variable data
  • Black codes suggested
  • If a custom error correction level is required, it must be specified

It is ultimately the customer's responsibility to ensure the QR code is readable within the artwork on the tag.

New & Customized Products

We work with our large corporate accounts to create new and innovative IoT enabled products. Often times we work in conjunction with an existing production facility to bring our products, services and expertise to the conversation. We carry Blank Tags products that are used in this manner, which compliment our encoding and online management systems. The minimum order quantities for custom manufactured products are higher than other products and may incur additional setup fees.

If you are interested in developing a new product, contact us to setup a corporate account to get started.