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Warranty & Returns


Sales Terms

When you order you are agreeing to our Sales Terms and Conditions; make sure you read them!

Return Policy

New, unused, and non-customized products can be returned within 30 days from delivery. Products must be returned in the new condition you received them with all original boxes, packaging and documents. Returns must be approved before products can be returned. The original shipping and handling costs are not subject to return. Once the products have been returned, it can take 3-5 days for our team to process.

A product is considered used and not able to be returned, if at least one of the following conditions applies:

  • The NFC tag has been written to in any way (formatted, encoded, erased...)
  • The product has been modified in any way (printing, physical changes, cutting...)
  • The product has any signs of wear from usage and/or handling (scratches, dirt, fading...)
  • Any components are missing or damaged (packaging, documents, parts...)
  • Downloadable software
  • Any other reason which would prevent us from reselling to another customer

Contact us with any questions about our return policy.

Custom Products & Special Orders

Custom products and special orders cannot be returned for any reason. These are products that have been explicitly manufactured for a customer per their request.

Customized products include:

  • Custom printing/engraving/colors
  • Custom shapes/sizes
  • Custom materials
  • Products not held in inventory at the quantities requested
  • Alternate NFC chip types
  • Encoded NFC tags


The general warranty period is one year from the delivery date of the purchased items. This warranty conforms to the specifications and/or descriptions made available and listed on the website and in sales quotations. Products must have been used under normal working environments.

If you feel that your item is eligible for a warranty evaluation by the manufacturer due to defect in its materials or workmanship, contact us.

Product Specifications

Any attribute of the product not explicitly defined on the website or within sales quotations is subject to change without notice. All specs, even published ones, should be checked by the customer to ensure that specifications have not changed since a previous purchase.

Specifications subject to change include and are not limited to:

  • Material chemical composition
  • NFC antenna shape/size/position/material
  • Minor variances in shape/size/color
  • Printing process

If you have a specific product requirement, contact us and we will discuss available options.

Defective NFC Tags

A product is not deemed defective due to changes in performance that are a result of the environment that the product is used in or the NFC reader or device that is used. It is the customer's responsibility to test the product in the environment they intend to use it in with the device(s) they intend to use to read the NFC tag to determine if the NFC tag will meet their expectations.

Factors that can affect the performance of NFC tags include and are not limited to:

  • Metal or electronic surfaces
  • Size of the NFC tag and the antenna inside the tag
  • Thickness of the surrounding material around the NFC chip/antenna inside the NFC tag
  • NFC reader or NFC phone being used to read the NFC tag
  • Case or material surrounding the NFC phone being used to read the NFC tag

All NFC tags have a standard one percent defective rate. It is expected that approximately one percent of all tags will be defective, meaning that they cannot be encoded to or read by an NFC device. GoToTags is not responsible for replacing defective NFC tags that are within the one percent ratio of the order total. If defective tags are discovered during the production or encoding process prior to shipment, GoToTags may remove the defective tags from the order and ship an order less the defective tags. If the amount of the shortage exceeds one percent, GoToTags will offer a refund and/or deliver the shortage at a later date.

We strive to deliver 100% of the purchase quantity but recommend that customers increase their purchase quantity by 1% and expect that we over-deliver.

Return Shipping

Once a return has been approved, the products must be returned to our office within 7 days. You are responsible for the cost to ship the return package. You are also responsible for the products in transit including damage, lost shipments and delays. We highly suggest you use a reputable shipping carrier with the appropriate insurance and tracking. Include all original material and packing slips in the return shipment.

Returns should be shipped to our corporate address.