Custom NFC Magnets

Custom NFC magnets are NFC tags that can be affixed on a magnetic surface such as a refrigerator. Custom printing gives customers the opportunity to display their artwork or logo in an NFC magnet format. NFC magnets are popular promotional tools used by marketing agencies however magnets are incredibly versatile due to their easy application and may be used by many industries.

Customers who need an NFC magnet as soon as possible should review ready made NFC magnets. Ready made magnets feature the GoToTags NFC symbol and are available for immediate shipment provided the customer’s desired quantity is in stock.

Magnets are printed in 4-color (CMYK) on one or both sides. Although most NFC magnets can be printed on both sides, they only have one NFC chip inside, which means the magnet can only be read from one side. NFC magnets can be printed with variable printed elements such as an identification number, variable URL or QR code.

NFC magnets are available in several standard shapes and sizes. Acrylic magnets can be laser cut to almost any shape provided the design meets necessary size criteria. All magnets are water resistant or waterproof.

Custom printed magnets are ideal NFC tags to display at home, in an office or on any magnetic surface.

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