NFC Tag Encoding Service

Our encoding service writes data such as text, MIME-type records, or a URL to an NFC tag. A range of devices including dedicated NFC readers, Android phones and compatible iPhone models can then read this data. Please note, this service is only available if you purchased your NFC tags from GoToTags.
  • Quantity Unit Price
  • 1000000+
  • 500000
  • 100000 $0.04
  • 50000 $0.05
  • 1000 $0.06
  • 100 $0.19
  • 50 $0.23

Maximum 150 characters

Compatible file extensions to upload: csv, xls, xml

Maximum 200 characters

More Information
Lead Time1 - 7 Days
Minimum Order Quantity50

Files relating to Store products, GoToTags software and general Connected Things technology can be downloaded from the public GoToTags GitLab project.

  • Artwork Templates – premade artwork templates for custom-printed products
  • Encoding Data – files to provide data for tag encoding services
  • NFC – technical specifications for NFC chip types, reader, NDEF, ...
  • UHF RFID – technical specifications for UHF RFID chip types, readers, ...
  • Products – additional information about Store products

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