What is an NFC Inlay

An NFC inlay is the most basic and cost-effective type of NFC tag. NFC inlays can be used alone or embedded and converted into other products by product manufacturers. The surface material of an NFC inlay is plastic, not paper, which makes them water resistant; however, they have no protective structure and are subject to damage due to bending or compression. Wet NFC inlays have adhesive backing like NFC stickers, but cannot be printed with color artwork like NFC stickers can. NFC inlays are delivered on a roll or in strips for small quantities. GoToTags designs NFC inlays for high performance and very large quantities of NFC inlays are kept in stock for short lead times.


  • Wet vs. Dry: A wet NFC inlay has adhesive on the back, similar to an NFC sticker and can be peeled off the liner to be applied to another product. A dry NFC inlay is a complete product on a roll, with no adhesive and no liner. Most customers use wet inlays.
  • Clear vs. White: A clear NFC inlay has a clear face which allows the antenna and NFC chip to be visible. A white NFC inlay has a white, opaque plastic face material which hides the antenna and NFC chip. Only white NFC inlays can be printed with a thermal printer.
  • Size and Shape: NFC inlays come in a range of sizes and shapes. The larger the inlay, the larger the antenna. GoToTags suggests using the largest antenna size possible as it will tend to have better performance and range.

Use Cases

  • Stick a wet NFC inlay on the back of a printed product such as a poster and use the artwork of the printed product to convey the NFC call to action. This is easier, faster and more cost-efficient than using a custom printed NFC sticker for many projects.
  • Apply a clear, wet NFC inlay on the front of a product such as a business card, so that the antenna is clearly visible. This will attract the user’s eye to showcase the NFC functionality and increase engagement.
  • Embed an NFC inlay inside another product to add NFC functionality to that product.

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