What is an NFC Hardware

NFC hardware devices are computer peripherals and phone accessories that enable software to provide NFC functionality with NFC tags and NFC enabled phones. Different modes of NFC are supported by NFC hardware devices including NFC tag reading and writing, peer-to-peer NFC and NFC tag emulation. NFC hardware devices connect via several interfaces including USB, serial and Bluetooth. All NFC hardware devices have a public API which software can use to implement NFC functionality.

GoToTags works with top manufacturers of NFC hardware devise and keeps large quantities in stock for short lead times. GoToTags also designs desktop software which works with NFC hardware devices to allow for NFC tag interactions and NFC tag encoding.


  • Desktop vs Mobile: : Desktop NFC devices connect to a computer, typically via USB, to enable NFC functionality for desktop computers. Mobile NFC devices work with Android and iOS phones either via the audio port or Bluetooth.
  • NFC Standards: : An NFC device only works with a specific set of NFC protocols and tag types; NFC tags must match the protocol of the NFC device.
  • Features: : Each NFC hardware products has its own features and specifications.

Use Cases

  • Integration into desktop software to allow for NFC tag interactions to trigger actions within that software including event registration, user check-ins, warehouse/inventory/asset management systems, …
  • Mobile NFC devices are used to add NFC functionality to phones that do not natively support NFC; primarily older iPhones and tablets
  • Certain NFC devices can be used with the GoToTags NFC Encoder for NFC tag encoding systems
  • The GoToTags Windows App can be used with desktop NFC devices to read NFC tags and perform actions

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