What is a UHF RFID Tag?

A UHF RFID tag is a passive, unpowered, small physical item that can interact with UHF RFID Readers. UHF RFID tags contain a chip and an antenna. UHF RFID chips are small integrated circuits that typically contain a manufacturer-supplied Tag ID (TID) and an Electronic Product Code (EPC). Certain chips contain a small amount of user memory. The UHF RFID chip’s EPC memory bank can be encoded to allow UHF RFID-enabled readers to read the data from the UHF RFID tag. UHF RFID tags can be read at an extended distance. Multiple UHF RFID tags can be read by a single RFID reader at the same time. The tags can not be read by a smartphone.


Selecting a tag designed for your use case is crucial for optimal performance, as each tag's functionality can greatly differ.

  • Compliance with Retail Mandates: Some retailers mandate their suppliers attach UHF RFID tags to their products for inventory tracking; In this case, ARC-certified UHF RFID tags are generally required in this scenario.
  • Product types: UHF RFID tags come in many physical forms intended for specific environments and use cases. Choose the appropriate product type based on how and where the UHF RFID tag will be used, and whether it will need to be printed on.
  • Size and shape: UHF RFID tags come in a range of sizes and shapes. The larger the tag, typically the larger the antenna. Use the largest antenna size possible for optimal performance and range.

Common Use Cases

UHF RFID tags have a range of uses, including:

  • Inventory Tracking: They give retailers up-to-date information on how many of a particular product is in stock. Inventory tracking is also used in other industries, from healthcare to manufacturing.
  • Access Control: They allow users to quickly access secure areas without having to leave their vehicle or reach into their pocket.
  • Attendee Tracking: They give event planners actionable metrics to help improve future events.


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